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Posted by: C. Nichols on Jun 1, 2020

Ohio Notary Services welcomes Ted Dahmus to our Blog! Ted is an Ohio Notary Public and is authorized as an Ohio Online Notary. Over the next few days Ted will share his experience selecting and using an online notary platform.

How I chose a software/platform

Choosing your software is the most critical element to the process in my experience becoming a remote online notary (RON).  I strongly encourage newly appointed RON’s to consider a minimum of 3 providers before making the decision to sign on with them. Most service providers will do one on one tutorials with you, so that you can evaluate for yourself.  In my evaluation process I considered the following vendors;

  1. Notarize          (
  2. Notary Cam (
  3. Pavaso             (
  4. Docutech         (
  5. Docverify         (

I wanted to assess multiple applications of the software to ensure the end user ability would be easy enough for me to proctor in case troubleshooting were to occur.

I chose to sign on with Docverify as my software provider for various reasons;

  • Experience in the industry, they were established in 2008.
  • They were able to provide a turnkey application specific to Ohio legislature, encompassing all major requirements to the act itself. This eliminated any fear I had with guidelines to preforming acts, as all states are different.
  • They offered a platform easy enough for me to feel confident proctoring if called upon to perform the act.  I cannot emphasize enough again why it is important for new applicants to schedule one on one tutorials with these vendors before considering software servicers.  You need to be able to proctor these acts efficiently if trouble shooting occurs with the end user.  For most of your clients, this will be the first time they have ever engaged in utilizing the software, and you need to be able to properly guide them when technical issues arise.
  • The Mortgage Finance Industry allows the utility of RON acts, only with specific software’s at the present time; Docverify being one of them.  To find out if your provider is one of them, visit them online at


Theodore Dahmus


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