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Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Jun 3, 2020

Ohio Notary Services welcomes Ted Dahmus to our Blog! Ted is an Ohio Notary Public and is authorized as an Ohio Online Notary. Over the next few days Ted will share his experience selecting and using an online notary platform...this is the third of four articles.

Connection with client via webcam for remote online notary acts in Ohio

The ability to have a document notarized online simplifies the entire process for notaries and clients alike.   However, the webcams can offer an assortment of technical hurdles to anyone who has never used a computer before, or a webcam.  It is very important to not only follow the rules of a remote act but also to create a plan in case troubleshooting comes about from your client, keeping in mind, this is probably the first time they have done this.  I recommend creating a pre-requisite worksheet yourself to present them prior to initiating service.  When the notary has completed their web cam prerequisites, they can begin the next step in the process. 

  • Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox)
  • Camera and microphone on the device that is accessible through the browser
  • If multiple signers are needed for the act, each signer must have individually their own device
  • Properly configured WIFI- that provides fast and stable connection
  • Supported File Types
    • PDF, BMP, PNG, etc


Theodore Dahmus


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