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Posted by: C. Nichols on Jun 4, 2020

Ohio Notary Services welcomes Ted Dahmus to our Blog! Ted is an Ohio Notary Public and is authorized as an Ohio Online Notary. This is the final post in a series from Ted where he shares his experience selecting and using an online notary platform.  Thank you, Ted!

Client Satisfaction with Remote Online Notary in Ohio

Online notarization become legal in Ohio, September of 2019. The utilization of this is beneficial to many, and if the process is done correctly, through the entire duration of the act, they can be pleased with the outcome as it saves time, eliminated complexity with proximity, and can truly work efficiently to all.

  • Provide a welcome service to clients who simply aren’t able to meet face to face.
  • Maintain social distance in times like we are experiencing.
  • Be confident about the identity of the person seeking your services through advanced security safeguards required by law.
  • “Go Green” with digital-only copies of the documents being notarized.



Theodore Dahmus


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