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Posted by: C. Nichols on Jun 29, 2020

We received this question regarding notarizing documents in Ohio:

Ink! I just passed the Basic Notary class & test. What I felt wasn't covered was a basic question - what type of pens and/or ink colors are allowed when I notarize a document?? Felt tip pens, thin Sharpies, ballpoints, gel pens (some even have a touch of metallic in them) - there's a lot of instruments out there!

Chapter 147 of the Ohio Revised Code is silent regarding the ink color to use in notarizations...which means it doesn't specifically say you can't use a certain color.  We recommend though using a basic professional blue or black. Many people may not realize green or red are acceptable colors and then become upset about your choice.  The type of ink doesn't really matter either, just make sure it isn't erasable!

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