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Posted by: C. Nichols on Nov 17, 2020

We are often asked a question similar to "As an Ohio notary public, may I notarize a document for my son-in-law, who is in South Dakota?

The answer: it depends...

  1. If you are an Ohio authorized online notary public and you will be physically present in the State of Ohio at the time of the notarization, you are permitted to perform a remote online notarization for someone located elsewhere within the United States.
  2. However, as a "traditional" paper-based Ohio notary public you may only notarize something personally presented to you while you (and the signer) are located within the physical boundaries of the State of Ohio. 
  3. Lastly, you will need to determine whether there exists any conflict of interest preventing you from notarizing a document for a family member.


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