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Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Feb 1, 2021

How to Renew a Notary Commission

A notary commission must be renewed during the three month window leading up to the expiration date of the commission.  If the commission has expired, then a renewal is not permitted and instead a new notary commission application is required.

The first step is to obtain a BCI criminal records check with reason code 147 022 for a notary application.  Details on this process can be found here:

If the BCI report contains no disqualifying offenses, then proceed to an authorized education provider to complete a one hour renewal course and obtain a certificate of completion.  Details on this process can be found here:

Finally, follow the details below to submit your application online.

**Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your Internet Browser**

Filing a Renewal Application (if you have already created a user account then log in and select “Begin Application” and follow the steps below.


Go to:

Click:  “Create a User Account”

Click:  “Create User Account”

If you have an active commission, then select “Existing Notary”


Click the Green “Continue” button

Enter your information as it appears on our records. Note:  If you have moved since obtaining your last commission, but failed to update your address with our office, then use your old information.

Enter Last Name, House/PO Box Number (not street name), Zip code and County. Click Search.


Enter your email address and phone number

Click “Register”

A one-time password will be sent to your email address which you must copy and paste into the login screen.

Select “Begin Application” if you need to update your name or address.



Select “Renewal Application”

The system will not permit you to update your name or address on this form, if that information has changed you must select “Begin Application” and “Amendment”.

The system will ask you to upload attachments – please upload the certificate provided from the authorized education provider to show that you completed the 1 hour class (Here is a link to the Ohio Notary Services Renewal Education: and upload the BCI criminal records check.  You must pay the $15 renewal fee by credit card and submit.  You will receive an email response within 24 – 48 business hours.





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