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This page details how to become a notary public in Akron, Ohio. As is common, figuring out how to become a notary in Ohio requires someone to take the appropriate course and receive a notary license from the state. The commission term is five years, and a person must be a legal adult to qualify. Anyone submitting a notary application cannot have any recorded felonies or outstanding warrants.

Since being an Ohio notary public is important, the competition over the position can get a bit intense. For this reason, other aspects of the process which are not strictly required may come in handy. For instance, to be a notary, Ohio residents will need a state seal or stamp of approval, but they can also benefit from a recommendation for the position.

Akron, Ohio Notary Course Cost and Length

The cost of the course for an Akron notary license is $130 — paid before an applicant may take the courses needed.

In terms of the course itself, an applicant must pass a background check for the aforementioned outstanding warrants and felony convictions. The fee for the background check is $40. The course prepares applicants for their role as an Ohio notary. The class is taken online and takes roughly three hours to complete. If an applicant does not pass the test, they must wait 30 days to retake it, and their combined $170 is not refundable.

Next Notary Application Steps

Once the course is successfully passed, an applicant moves on to the Secretary of State's office. A "New Notary Application" must be completed, containing all of the elements the applicant accrued over their application process thus far. This is the final step of the notary application process itself, and the Secretary of State's office has the right to decline if a public notary position is not available.

The Secretary of State's office needs to see an applicant's passing test score, the result of their background check, their full name, their residential address and their recent signature. At that point, all that is left is the $15 notary application fee which the Secretary of State's office receives directly.

The Secretary of State's office will review all of the application components and issue an officially stamped certificate after an applicant affirms their compliance with the official rules. At that point, a person's application is complete, and they are a notary. Ohio residents can then deal directly with the State Bar Association to receive their stamp and any other supplies they may need.

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