image Become an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary ServicesBecome an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary Services

Discovering how to become a notary public in Cleveland, Ohio is simple, but there are a few steps involved. You'll need to take the required course and pass a test approved by the state of Ohio. Upon passing the course, you will receive a notary license called a commission. This license entitles you to a term of five years as a notary. Ohio residents must be legal adults without any disqualifying offences qualify.

Cleveland, Ohio Notary Course Fees and Requirements

The cost of the Ohio notary course in Cleveland is $130 for people who are not attorneys. Successful notary license applicants will also need to purchase a notary seal or stamp for use in their role as a notary.

To take the course to become an Ohio notary public, you will need to pass a background check, which requires an additional fee. This check is to ensure you do not have any disqualifying offenses.

Notary License Course Timeframe

The course involves online instruction that takes around three hours to complete, concluding in a test that you must pass to receive the notary license. If you don't pass the test, you can retake the course in 30 days. However, the cost of the course and the background check fee is non-refundable.

Final Steps of the Notary Application Process

After successfully passing the course, the final step in the process is to fill out a notary application at the Secretary of State's office. The "New Notary Application" consists of information about you and everything pertaining to the application process, including the fact that you have successfully passed the course.

The information included on your Ohio notary application consists of your background check report and your certificate of education. It also includes your full name, residential address and an updated signature. In addition, there is a $15 application fee that goes to the Secretary of State's office.

Once the Secretary of State's office has reviewed your application and confirmed your compliance with all requirements, the office will issue you an official commission.. This entitles you to perform the duties of an Ohio notary public. From there, you will connect with the Ohio Notary Store directly to purchase the tools you will need, including your official notary stamp.

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