image Become an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary ServicesBecome an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary Services

If you've considered becoming an Ohio notary in Franklin County, this is your opportunity. At Ohio Notary Services, we offer straightforward solutions for those who are looking to take a notary class in order to become a licensed Ohio notary. Keep reading to find out more on how to become a notary in Franklin County, Ohio.

Reasons for Becoming an Ohio Notary Public in Franklin County

It's easier than you think to become a notary public in Franklin County, Ohio. We offer guidance and a convenient notary class to help you provide this valuable service to the public. The following are just a few reasons to become an Ohio notary public in Franklin County.

  • Notaries are in high demand because they help prevent fraud and identity theft for a wide range of businesses across a variety of markets.
  • There are many uses for a notary public these days. It can help draw business to organizations or companies, or help you earn extra income on the side.
  • There are many instances where legal transactions or sales require the services of a notary public, which is an attractive addition to your resume.

Please Note: Be sure to keep your certification up to date in order to adequately help others with their official business.

How To Become An Ohio Notary Public

On the Ohio Notary Services website, simply click "Become A Notary." Then, choose which option works best for you. You can opt to become a traditional Ohio notary or an online notary public. We also offer guidance and education to renew your commission. Keep in mind that you must hold an existing commission as a traditional notary public prior to becoming an online notary public in Ohio.

Once you select the appropriate option for your needs, you'll be sent to the correct corresponding page. If you plan to take a traditional notary class and exam, you'll need to select one of the following prompted options:

  • I'm Not An Attorney
  • I Need To Retake The Exam
  • I Need To Renew

By signing up for our notary class, you'll be able to get the proper education, training and testing you need to become a certified traditional and/or online Ohio notary public, or to renew your current Ohio notary license.

Signing Up for Education and Testing

At Ohio Notary Services, we provide the most comprehensive courses and certification testing in the state. This is why we're the Ohio Secretary of State's only authorized education, training and testing provider for both Ohio notary public and Ohio online notary public licenses in the state. And once you've obtained your license, don't forget to purchase your Ohio notary supplies.

Learn How To Become a Notary In Franklin County, Ohio with the Help of Ohio Notary Services

Are you ready to start the journey to become an Ohio notary? Register today and learn crucial information to help you quickly become certified as an official Ohio notary public to help propel your current career or a new entrepreneurial endeavor. Please reach out to us with any questions or assistance by contacting us or using our easy chat option.

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