image Become an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary ServicesBecome an Ohio Notary & Earn Your Traditional Notary Commission: Ohio Notary Services

Interested in learning how to become an Ohio notary or how to renew your notary public commission online? Ohio Notary Services allows you to conveniently view the required education online to renew your Ohio "traditional" notary commission. This completely remote experience perfectly fits into your busy schedule so you can start generating income and helping people in your community with ease.


Please Note: AS OF SEPTEMBER 2019, THE PROCESS OF RENEWAL HAS CHANGED: A BACKGROUND CHECK IS NOW REQUIRED, WHICH CAN TAKE 4 to 6 weeks TO RECEIVE THe results. If your Ohio notary public commission has expired or expires while waiting on the background check, the Notary Modernization Act now requires that you register as a completely new applicant. You must follow the new notary application process. You are not eligible to renew your commission as the "old" grace period has been eliminated.

Select A Traditional Notary Renewal Education Option


- I Am an Existing Notary and Want To Take Online Renewal Training 


Registering With the Ohio Secretary of State
Visit this post in the ONS Blog for information from the Ohio Secretary of State regarding the creation of your notary account with the State:
Want To Become an Ohio Notary?

Ohio Notary Services is the ONLY entity selected by the state of Ohio to provide the education and training required to be a traditional Ohio notary public, as well as an Ohio online notary public.

As your go-to notary renewal Ohio education provider, we are proud to provide you with everything you need to meet the testing requirements to earn or renew your traditional notary commission and/or become authorized as an online notary public in Ohio. You can even order your notary, training and renewal class supplies from us! And we are located right here in Ohio, so by choosing us as your education and testing provider, you are also supporting employees who live and work here.

Need To Earn Or Renew A Notary Commission?

We’ve got you covered! Because of our unique partnership with the state, we are the most experienced notary education provider available in Ohio — and we don't take that designation lightly. Complete all your required education and testing virtually with our simple-to-use program for Ohio notary renewals. You can renew existing commissions with us up to 90 days in advance from the comfort of your own home.

For additional information on notary renewal in Ohio or how to become a traditional or online notary public, check out our Become A Traditional Notary checklist, FAQ page and helpful ONS Blog.

Renew Notary Public Commissions Online Today with Ohio Notary Services

Count on Ohio Notary Services for the training and education you need for traditional notary renewals. Ohio Notary Services remains the Ohio Secretary of State’s sole authorized provider for training and testing services to become a registered online notary. Get started with our traditional notary renewal (Ohio) class today.

Ohio law also now allows for the online notarization of documents by authorized online notaries public. Start saving yourself, your company and your clients both time and money with this new, convenient designation. Reach out today for more information.





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