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Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Nov 2, 2020

For a limited time SIGNiX will offer new Ohio notaries their first five transactions FREE! This will result in a savings of a minimum of $50 just for taking advantage of the SIGNiX/Ohio Notary Services partnership.

Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Oct 27, 2020

We've been asked many times for a recommendation for a remote online notary platform. We're excited to announce that we are now able to make a recommendation that we believe will help Ohio's online notaries.

Ohio Notary Services, LLC (ONS) today announced its selection of SIGNiX as its exclusive remote online notarization (RON) partner. ONS is the Ohio Secretary of State’s sole authorized provider for RON education and testing to over 130,000 notaries in the State of Ohio.


Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Jun 2, 2020

Ohio Notary Services welcomes Ted Dahmus to our Blog! Ted is an Ohio Notary Public and is authorized as an Ohio Online Notary. Over the next few days Ted will share his experience selecting and using an online notary platform...this is his second post.

How the ID dual process verification works for remote online notary acts

Posted by: C Allen Nichols on May 7, 2020

When a document requires the signer to take an oath, but the signer refuses to "swear to God" or otherwise take an oath...

Posted by: C Allen Nichols on May 6, 2020

Ohio notaries may not charge fees on a per-signature basis, but instead the fees should be calculated per...

Posted by: Outerbox SEO on Jul 23, 2021

If you're interested in how to notarize a document in Ohio, you'll want to check out this 10-step checklist. A state of Ohio notary public needs to be familiar with this checklist to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Jun 4, 2021

The Ohio Secretary of State has provided a User Guide to assist applying notaries attempting to navigate the application process on the SoS site.  Please visit this link: to download it. As a reminder, the link to the Secretary of State is:

Here are some other helpful hints:

Once you have completed your education, passed your test (if required) and obtained your BCI background check report (if required) you must visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s Notary site to complete your notary application.  Visit and click on the FILE NOTARY COMMISSION APPLICATIONS AND UPDATES. Follow the steps at that site.

This is also the place where you will update the Secretary of State with changes in your name or find your commission number.

Posted by: Nancy Musci on Mar 15, 2021

What is a Notary Signing Agent (NSA)?

A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary who has special expertise to handle and notarize loan papers. You should know where the borrower signs, what the documents mean, and how you complete a loan signing. ​ As a loan signing agent, it is your job to be sure the borrower feels comfortable signing and filling out the loan documents.  Consider additional signing agent education/certification to add to your resume.


Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Feb 3, 2021

How to Create a Profile as an Existing Notary:

Go to:

Click:  “Create a User Account”

Click:  “Create User Account”

See full post for more information.

Posted by: C Allen Nichols on Feb 1, 2021

How to Renew a Notary Commission

A notary commission must be renewed during the three month window leading up to the expiration date of the commission.  If the commission has expired, then a renewal is not permitted and instead a new notary commission application is required.

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