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Are you attempting to renew your traditional Ohio Notary Public Commission or your Ohio Online Notary Public Authorization? 

Choose Notary Type:

- Are You A Traditional Notary Public? Renew Here!

- Are you an Online Notary Public? Renew Here! 


please note: if your Ohio Notary Public Commission has EXPIRED the notary modernization act requires that you be treated as a new applicant. you mUST follow the new notary application process. you are NOT eligible to renew your commission; the "oLD" grace period has been eliminated! Additionally, this means the entire application process (education, background check, application to the secretary of state, etc.) must be completed before your expiration date. if not, you are required by law to begin as a new applicant. Ohio notary services will not refund an education fee because an applicant misses the expiration date deadline and must begin the process as a new applicant.


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